Preparative LC systems

Product lineup applicable to any purifications and extensive installation record

YMC's preparative systems are applicable to various preparative scales from small scale to large scale.
Our products, such as continuous chromatography systems, HPLC systems, hygienic biochromatography systems and LC-Forte/R-II designed for both preparative HPLC and flash purification can respond to customer needs. Maintenance and service after installation are ensured.
YMC also provides total solutions for preparative chromatography, such as the most suitable packing materials and columns, in addition to preparative systems.


Self-packing empty columns

Technical services

Contract purification services

YMC also offers contract purification services by using fulfilling facilities, such as preparative devices and columns developed by YMC. Please feel free to contact us about preparative purification of biopharmaceuticals and chiral compounds on various preparative scales.