Preparative LC systems

Pilot scale glass columns
YMC Pilot

YMC Pilot is biochromatography column designed for pilot-scale and production-scale use. YMC Pilot is available in two types: AB, which is suitable for applications with aqueous buffer, and SR, which is designed for applications requiring solvent resistance.
All AB type wetted parts are made of nonmetals. Column design and care in construction avoids extra dead volume and allows the column to be cleaned easily. YMC Pilot is widely used from standard normal-phase/reversed-phase chromatography to use with resins designed for biochromatography.
YMC will respond to customer requirements, including column size and quality of materials.

  • Biocompatible and ideal for use in purification of biotechnology-based pharmaceuticals such as proteins and peptides, etc.
  • Unique frit design enables reduced losses in diffusion and uniform performance
  • Easy scale-up, having the same structure and operability across different column sizes
  • Packing bed height easily adjustable by hand wheeled adjusters
  • Compliance with IQ/OQ validation and FDA regulations
  • Various options available


Model PI100/500 PI100/850 PI140/500 PI140/850 PI200/500 PI200/850
Inner diameter (mm) 100 100 140 140 200 200
Packing bed hight (mm) 50-430 400-780 55-420 405-770 70-435 420-785
Volume (L) min 0.39 3.14 0.85 6.23 2.2 13.2
max 3.38 6.13 6.47 11.9 13.7 24.7
Cross-section (cm2) 78.5 78.5 154 154 314 314
Pressure limit (MPa) 1.0 1.0 0.7 0.7 0.5 0.5

*Other sizes (more than 300 mmI.D.) are available upon request.