Preparative LC systems

Twin-Column Continuous Chromatography Systems
Contichrom CUBE

Contichrom CUBE is a lab-scale twin-column chromatography platform that dramatically improves purification efficiency compared to the traditional single-column chromatography. The proprietary twin-column processes are available in various chromatography modes (e.g. affinity, ion-exchange, reversed-phase), and save the cost and time in the purification with both of high-purity and high-yield.

Product features
  • Improvement of productivity and product yield in the purification of biopharmaceuticals, peptides and oligonucleotides
  • Minimal consumption of affinity resins for capture of antibodies

  • Time-saving enrichment of minor components from crude materials


  Contichrom CUBE 30
Contichrom CUBE 100
Pressure limit (MPa) 10
Usable flow rate range (mL/min) 0.1-36 0.1-100
Continuous chromatography processes

Select from MCSGP, N-Rich, CaptureSMB and Integrated Batch

(multiple selects allowed)

Software ChromIQ

ChromIQ is the dedicated software developed for the automated operation of twin-column chromatography processes as well as related method development tasks and data evaluation tools. It has step-by-step wizards (intuitive, user-friendly and easy) to strongly support the operational design of continuous chromatography processes based on single-column batch methods. Additionally, it includes some helpful functions (e.g. buffer management, productivity estimation, chromatogram overlay) to operate the continuous chromatography processes.Each wizards corresponding to each twin-column chromatography processes works independently. Therefore, any wizard (any twin-column chromatography process) can be added on request.

Manufactured by ChromaCon AG
* ChromaCon AG is a group company of YMC CO., LTD.