YMC-Triart (for biochromatography)

Triart/Triart Bio columns with organic/inorganic hybrid silica are effective for separation of biomolecules such as amino acids, peptides, proteins, antibodies, and oligonucleotides. These columns with excellent chemical durability are usable under high temperature condition which is effective for improving separation. Bioinert columns which show excellent peak shapes and recoveries for highly adsorptive substances are also available.

  • Effective for separation of peptides, proteins ,antibodies, and oligonucleotides
  • Good peak shape with mobile phase suitable for LC/MS
  • Metal free column hardware with high pressure resistance are also available


YMC-Triart column

Product name Base Particle size
Pore size
Bonding Endcapping Usable pH range Max. temperature
Triart C18 Hybrid silica


120 Trifunctional Yes 1-12 90°C for pH 1-7
50°C for pH 7-12
Triart C8
Triart Bio C18 300 90°C for pH 1-9
50°C for pH 9-12
Triart Bio C4 1-10 90°C for pH 1-7
50°C for pH 7-10

Silica-based/Core-shell columns for separation of proteins and peptides are also available.