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YMC-Triart C8

YMC-Triart C8 is a versatile column with excellent chemical durability that is equivalent to YMC-Triart C18. YMC-Triart C8 is suitable for fast analysis of samples containing hydrophobic compounds that are strongly retained on C18 columns or samples containing compounds with large differences in hydrophobicity. In addition, its high bonding density allows for good separation of compounds with small structural differences. Triart C8 is also ideal for the separation of isomers and structural analogs.

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Base : organic/inorganic hybrid silica
Particle size : 1.9 μm, 3 µm, 5 µm
Pore size : 120 Å
Carbon contents : 17%
pH range : 1-12


  • Comparable versatility to C18
  • Usable over a wide range of pH and temperature
  • Ideal for separations of isomers or structural analogs

Comparable versatility to C18

YMC-Triart C8 has good chemical durability and provides peak shapes as good as YMC-Triart C18. It is useful applications in various fields including pharmaceutical products, food products, and natural products.

Column YMC-Triart C8 5 μm
150 X 4.0 mmI.D.
Eluent A) phosphate buffer (pH 6.7)*/acetonitrile (93/7)
B) acetonitrile
0-8%B (0-12 min), 8-62%B (12-28 min)
* Dissolve 1.25 g of KH2PO4 and 2.01 g of Na2HPO4・12H2O in 1000 mL of water
Flow rate 1.0 mL/min
Temperature 35°C
Detection UV at 280 nm
Injection 20 µL
(The United States Pharmacopeia 34th; Assay)

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Ideal for separation of isomers and structural analogs

Triart C8 provides superior resolution of Terphenyl isomers compared to Triart C18. The higher bonding density of C8 contributes to the recognition of small differences in structure although the elution profiles of C18 and C8 are similar. Additionally, the C8 phase offers shorter retention times than the C18 phase due to its low hydrophobicity. These unique characteristics are effective for the fast analysis of isomers and compounds with low polarity.

Column 5 μm, 150 X 3.0 mmI.D.
Eluent methanol/water (75/25)
Flow rate 0.425 mL/min
Temperature 30°C
Detection UV at 254 nm

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