YMC-Triart Phenyl

YMC-Triart Phenyl is a phenylbutyl bonded phase. Well-balanced hydrophobic interactions and π–π interactions that are unique to the phenyl group have been achieved by optimization of the bonding density and spacer chain length (C4). In particular, compounds with aromatic rings or long conjugated systems tend to have strong retention. YMC-Triart Phenyl is ideal for the separation of such isomers or structural analogs. The surface modification common throughout the YMC-Triart series provides high durability and excellent peak shape without any non-specific adsorption effects.

Base organic/inorganic hybrid silica
Particle size 1.9 µm, 3 µm, 5 µm
Pore size 120 Å
Carbon contents 17%
pH range 1-10
  • Unique selectivity due to π-π interactions
  • Ideal for separations of aromatic compounds or compounds having long conjugated systems
  • Excellent resolution without adsorption and tailing

Ideal for separation of structural analogs

Brilliant Blue FCF, an acidic triphenylmethane dye, and its impurities (presumed to be by-products with similar structures) can not be separated easily with YMC-Triart C18. However, they are retained by YMC-Triart Phenyl and excellent separation and peak shape can be obtained, whereas strong adsorption and poor resolution are observed when using a commercially available phenylhexyl column. Separations of aromatic compounds or compounds with long conjugated systems, YMC-Triart Phenyl is more suitable than C18 owing to strong retention by π–π interactions.

Column 5 µm, 150 X 3.0 or 4.6 mmI.D.
Eluent methanol/0.1% H3PO4 (45/55)
Flow rate 0.425 mL/min for 3.0 mmI.D.
1.0 mL/min for 4.6 mmI.D.
Temperature 40°C
Detection VIS at 630 nm