Preparative LC systems

Continuous Chromatography

Liquid chromatography with a multi-column switching technique offers a continuous separation/purification. Such a continuous chromatography exhibits significant advantages over the traditional single-column chromatography.
These advantages include, for examples:
  - Minimal consumption of affinity resins for capture of antibodies
  - Time- and space-saving for purification of biopharmaceuticals
  - Minimal product waste from the crude materials

YMC offers continuous LC systems both for lab-scale purification and for pilot/industrial-scale (GMP-compliant) purification. The proprietary continuous chromatography, enabling high-productivity with both of high-purity and high-yield in ion-exchange and reversed-phase chromatography (not to mention affinity chromatography), results in an excellent cost reduction for the purification of biopharmaceuticals, peptides and oligonucleotides. Our continuous chromatography systems have a simple configuration due to the twin-column switching, leading to easy understanding of the operational design. In addition, such twin-column systems allow easier maintenance than the triple- or more multi-column systems.

Comparison among systems


Purity and Yield

Buffer consumption



Traditional chromatography
- Theoretical operation
→Trade-off between purity and yield
Continous chromatography
(triple- or more multi-columns)
- Improvement of affinity resin efficiency
- Complicated system configuration
→ Hard to understand the operational design
Continous chromatography
Our systems
- Unique twin-column processes achiving the combination of high-purity and high-yield
- Simple system configuration
→ Easy to understand the operational design

Unique continuous purification processes

Our twin-column chromatography systems offer the cost reduction including time-saving for purification of various substances such as antibodies, proteins/peptides, oligonucleotides, small molecules and the impurities in therapeutic products.

  • IEX purification of oligonucleotide with MCSGP.
    1.5 times yield compared to single column batch purification. (56%→92%)
  • RP purification of peptide with MCSGP.
    1.3 times yield compared to single column batch purification. (71%→92%)
  • IEX purification of monoclonal antibody isoforms with N-Rich.
    10 times faster than single column batch purification.
  • Affinity purification of monoclonal antibody with CaptureSMB.
    3 times efficiency compared to single column batch purification.

Twin-Column Continuous Chromatography Systems