Flow reactor

High efficiency reaction using Microreactor

  • Exothermic reaction
    Using precise temperature control
  • Reaction including unstable intermediate
    Keep residence time short
  • Using precise temperature control
    Consecutive reaction
  • Keep residence time short
    Generated fine particles and emulsions
  • Precise particle size and size distribution control
    Because of generated in the micro space
  • Reactions depend on surface area
    Because of a large surface area , contact efficiency increase

Reaction example

In a conventional batch system (flask), synthesizing of a target compound (No.1 above) alone has been extremely difficult when a product is highly reactive. This is because undesired production of a non-target compound (No. 2 above) due to further reaction of the product takes place even at low temperature.

In a flow micro reaction system, residence time of a highly reactive compound can be kept short just by adjusting the flow rate, and a rapid reaction with DMF by micromixing minimizes the undesired production of byproducts. Since there is no need to keep the temperature low, less energy cost is required.