Preparative LC systems

For reversed-phase, normal-phase and chiral preparation
Preparative HPLC (high pressure) devices and columns

K-prep, YMC’s preparative HPLC device, has a wide variety of lineups suitable for a wide range of HPLC purifications from laboratory scale to plant scale. As common software is used in each system, product transfer is seamless. Dynamic axial compression columns, which customers can easily pack, are available as preparative columns. Under usage at constant pressure, these columns maintain their ability.

We will propose systems and packing materials that are suited to customer needs, followed by appropriate selection of preparative HPLC devices, preparative dynamic axial compression columns, and bulk packing materials.

Target substances
  • Optical isomers
  • Peptides / oligonucleotides
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Natural products, etc.

Preparative devices

Preparative HPLC devices K-Prep

  • Processes volumes from laboratory to plant scale
  • Fully automated operation by PC
  • Maximum flow rate: Up to 25 L/min
  • Compatible with GMP / explosion-proof operation

Self-packing empty columns

Dynamic Axial Compression Columns DAD

  • Cost-effective self-packing dynamic axial compression columns
  • Superior column performance, endurance and reproducibility provided constant pressure
  • Inner diameters from 50 to 1,000 mm
  • Compatible with GMP / explosion-proof operation
  • DAU columns which are driving direction of cylinder is upward and rotation type DAR columns are also available

Bulk packing materials

Technical services

Technical guide