Contract purification service

API Purification Plant

API Purification Plant that complies with GMP standards

API Purification Plant that complies with GMP standards was started up in September 2015. The plant has various equipment, including large-scale preparative HPLC systems, biochromatography systems, freeze dryers, and various analytical devices. We can provide low-cost preparative purification service for various compounds, including chiral compounds, peptides, and oligonucleotides, by using in-house preparative chromatography devices, packing materials, and columns, and by making use of our wealth of experience and know-how.

*Clean area classification : class 100,000

API Purification Plant

Air shower

Large-scale freeze dryer

Thin film evaporator

Preparative HPLC device

Biochromatography device

Quality assurance system

In the Komatsu Works, YMC has established the GMP management system. Our quality assurance and quality control units are independent from our manufacturing control units, ensuring product quality and maintaining the quality system. We can provide a large volume of APIs for clinical trials by chromatographic isolation and purification in our large-scale facilities, which have been validated.