Flow reactor

YSP series Syringe pump

High-performance and cost-effective syringe pumps
Usable for micro-flow reaction, dripping reagents, pharmacological experiment, animal testing, etc.

  • Deliver constant volumes and microliter volumes
  • Change flow rate during operation
  • A variety of types available to suit your needs
  • Compatible with various syringe sizes and types from major manufacturers


YSP-101 (Standard type)

Infuse only and no capability to withdraw.

YSP-201 (High performance type)

Similar to YSP-101 but with withdrawal function.

YSP-301 (High performance & High pressure type)

Includes features of YSP-201 and high pressure pumping function.

YSP-202 (Double syringe type)

Similar to YSP-201 but holds 2 syringes.


Model number  YSP-101 YSP-201 YSP-301 YSP-202
Syringe type  Standard type  High performance type  High performance & high pressure type  Double syringe type 
Infusion  YES  YES  YES  YES 
Withdrawal  No  YES  YES  YES 
Programmable pump  No  YES  YES  YES 
PC Contorol  No  YES  YES  YES 
Minimum flow rate *1 0.012 µL/min  0.023 µL/min 
Maximum flow rate *2 31.5 mL/min 42.57 mL/min 153.3 mL/min  76.32 mL/min *3

The pumps may not be used at max. or min. flow rate under certain conditions.
*1 Obtained using a 1mL gastight syringe.
*2 Obtained using a 50mL gastight syringe.
*3 Obtained using a 25mL gastight syringe.