Preparative LC systems

Versatile preparative HPLC system and columns

LC-Forte/R-II is a preparative LC system designed for both HPLC and flash purification. LC-Forte/R-II with recycling preparation can realize high-efficiency purifications without changing column or mobile phase, even for substances that are hard to isolate using single preparative chromatography.
We also provide preparative column lineups for various modes such as reversed-phase, normal-phase, chiral and GPC.

Preparative system

Versatile preparative HPLC system; LC Forte/R-II

  • LC system designed for both preparative HPLC and flash purification
  • User friendly operation with a touch screen
  • Intuitive method development by Preview Function
  • Multiple functions like recycling, auto-injection and auto-replay as a standard feature
  • Compact design installable in fume hoods

Packed columns

Preparative packed columns

  • Available in various purification mode columns
  • Desirable for lab-scale purification

Self-packing empty columns

ECOPLUS series (Glass column)

ECO PLUS series
  • Various sizes available (5-50 mmI.D.)
  • High pressure resistance (pressure limit 1.5-8.0 MPa)
  • Easy to use
  • Biocompatibile

ECO series (Glass column)

ECO series
  • From lab to pilot scale (10-80 mmI.D.)
  • Use in medium pressure (Pressure limit: 0.5-3.0 MPa)
  • Easy to use
  • Biocompatibile
  • ECO columns with water jackets are available (optional)

Bulk packing materials

Bulk packing materials are available for self packing

Technical services

Technical guide