Preparative LC systems

ECO series (Glass column)

ECO columns are great cost-effective glass columns suitable for biochromatographic packing materials (bulk media) and low-pressure LC packing materials. With a choice of one or two adjustable length plungers, the packing operation is quite easy. These columns are available in two forms: AB (aqueous buffer) for use with aqueous buffers and cold room applications and SR (solvent resistant) for all forms of normal- and reversed-phase chromatography.

  • Biocompatible
  • Low temperature version available
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with any LC system
  • Solvent resistant: SR version (optional)
  • Hight adjustable plunger at both ends (optional)

Wide selectability

Selection by using eluent

They are available in two forms: AB (aqueous buffer) for aqueous buffer and cold room applications and SR (solvent resistant) for separations involving organic solvents.

Selection by length of a packed bed

They are available in two forms: Vario versions equipped with an adjustable plunger at one end and Multivario versions equipped with plungers at both ends.

Slurry-packing using packing adaptors

Packing adaptors (optional) are available for slurry-packing. In particular, slurry-packing is most suitable for packing silica gel packing materials with small particle sizes (≦ 20 µm).
Packing adaptors are not suitable for elongating column length, as they are auxiliary parts developed for slurry-packing. The inner diameter of the packing extensions should be the same size as that of the column. The length of packing extension should be sufficient to secure the volume shown below.

  • Silica gel packing materials; slurry volume is two times the final bed volume.
  • Polymer packing materials: slurry volume is three times the volume required for polymer packed materials.