Preparative LC systems


K-Prep is a preparative chromatographic system corresponding from lab scale to industrial scale. Fully automatic operation by PC is possible. Chromatographic data and instrument data can be recorded automatically.
- K-Prep LAB is designed for laboratory scale purification. It is applicable to columns with inner diameter of 20 to 200 mm.
- K-Prep FC is designed for industrial scale purification. It corresponds to a GMP production plant and is capable of corresponding to validation at IQ/OQ.
- K-Prep EX is an explosion-proof system for GMP production plant. Fully automatic operation by PC from non-explosion-proof area is possible.

  • Easy operation
  • Fully automated continuous operation via computer control
  • Precise and speedy isolation by isocratic or gradient elution operation
  • Economically efficient with recycle separation
  • Compact
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy expansion
  • Comply with GLP/GMP validation


  • Separation for peptides, proteins etc
  • Separation for intermediate of food products, pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals
  • Separation for fermented products

Fully automatic operation

Mobile phase, pump, automatic injector, wash valve, column switch valve, recycle valve, fraction collector all operate by computer control. K-Prep software records the real-time chromatogram and pressure. Outstanding user friendliness and reliability by programmable logic controller (PLC) allows remote control over each unit of the system.

inside the device

Manual control with easy operation

By clicking an icon on the PC display, the corresponding apparatus is manually adjusted. K-Prep is a flexible system and can be used in a variety of chromatography modes.

GMP Support

  • FAT
  • IQ/OQ
  • CSV