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YMC CO., LTD. owns the copyright of the texts, pictures, and computer programs on the YMC web server (hereafter referred to as the “Server”). Those accessign the Server accept the content and display of the information contained on the Server, and any duplicate, printing or any reproduction of the material contained on this Server site is allowed by third parties only for nonprofit use. Alteration and/or reproduction and distribution of materials on this site for purposes other than non-profit use is strictly forbidden. Use of the information contained on this site for any “for profit” use shall not be permitted unless prior written permission for use of such materials is obtained from YMC CO., LTD.

The trademarks, logo marks and service marks currently carried and displayed on the YMC web server are registered trademarks of YMC and other third party companies.


Although YMC tries its best to provide valid and accurate information from the Server, YMC does not offer any guarantees aout the validity and accuracy of the content displayed from the Server. YMC takes no responsibility for any damages originating from the use of information on the Server site.

YMC may change or discontinue the information and URL of the YMC CO., LTD. Server site at any time and without notification.

The websites linked from the server to other web sites are not under the management of YMC, and YMC CO., LTD. accepts no responsibility for the content of these linked sites. Moreover, linking of the YMC site to other third party sites does not necessarily imply or guarantee a cooporation, and or close relation betweem the individuals, companies, and/or corporations whose sites are linked to the YMC Server.

List pricing found on the Server does not included local, state, and/or national taxes to which YMC products may be subject in different countries. Moreover, pricing may change without prior notice.

More about links from other sites

The links to the Server are provided as a convenience to those seeking additional information. Furthermore,

  1. Do not use the logos and title designs of YMC as a link button on a homepage.
    Linking to the YMC Server is permitted by specifying that the link is to the homepage of YMC CO., LTD.
    Although we recommend the top page (https://www.ymc.co.jp)as a link place, we do not restrict about the links to other pages.
  2. YMC CO., LTD. refuses the links from sites containing contents contrary to the good public order and for puropses of character assassination of YMC CO., LTD. and/or its products or services. Moreover, YMC also refuse the links whick are displayed as a part of homege of linking companies and indefiniting that YMC created.
  3. YMC CO., LTD. reserves the right to change or stop the information on the Server and URL at any time with no prior announcement.
  4. YMC CO., LTD. reserves the right to stop links to other sites at any time, reguardless of reason, and may request “unlinking” of its site from other third party sites.

For ease of use

About the browser

When accessing the server, YMC recommends using 9.X Internet Explorer or the latest versions of the major browsers. In case that you use another browser, it may be unable to display some pages of the site correctly.

About Java Script

Java Script is used on the pages.


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