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YMC: A Pioneer in Purification and Separation Technology

It is said that the origin of chemistry resulted from the effort to create gold. Though these efforts failed, they served as seeds for the genesis of the development of modern chemistry. With the passage of time, analysis and purification became valuable tools in contributing to help unlock new scientific information and technologies for improving the quality of life. Today, new challenges within chemistry help create the need for solutions that fulfill expectations for new knowledge and materials being developed to improve the quality of life. Additionally, research, development and production activities are making rapid progress in various fields by the fusion of peripheral technologies such as biotechnology and electronics High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a key technology within the field of separation science for unlocking new information and for developing new products for improving life, YMC is a leading company in the HPLC field with a world class research and development efforts and a global network of subsidiaries to help support customers find solutions and capitalize on opportunities resulting from research efforts.

With YMC’s intellectual assets and know-how cultivated from many years of experience, we will continue to push the limits to create a prosperous future.