Preparative LC systems

Laboratory scale Preparative HPLC System

LC-Forte/R-II is a laboratory scale peparative LC system with both high-/low- pressure mode. Key features include recycling mode and automatic operation.
LC-Forte/R-II is equipped with 3-wavelength UV detector, and ideal for purification of chiral compounds, synthetic reaction products, and natural products.


For Purification from Several Milligrams to 10 Grams on Lab-scale

LC-Forte/R-II is useful for lab-scale preparative purifications with HPLC columns, glass columns and flash chromatography columns. It is applicable for various modes such as reversed-phase, normal-phase, chiral and GPC.

Increasing Separation Efficiency by Recycling

LC-Forte/R-II is equipped with a recycling function. Under recycling chromatographic separation, higher resolution can be achieved on a sample that is hardly separated, because the sample is repeatedly introduced into the column. Desired purity can be achieved without changing mobile phase conditions or columns. The unique flow path for the recycling system adopted in LC-Forte/R-II enables to reduce the extra-column diffusion and achieves the high efficiency preparative separation.
Furthermore, consumption of solvent on purification is greatly reduced since no solvent is consumed during recycling.

Dedicated Software

A wide touch screen (10.4 inch) with the pre-installed software offers friendly navigation for settings and operation of the system. Chromatograms can be displayed on the screen.

Preview Function for Intuitive Method Development

LC-Forte/R-II is equipped with Preview Function that displays recycling and fractioning positions in the chromatograms acquired from the preliminary study. This function allows you to visually set and check the optimal separation conditions. Thus, it enables efficient and reliable purification by intuitive understanding of the separation methods. It is especially effective for complex conditions such as recycling HPLC that may cause sample loss due to the fraction collection setting errors.

Stacking Injection

With a suction injector LC-Forte/R-II an inject the same sample repeatedly with high precision. Since this makes it possible to perform the preparative purification continuously, LC-Forte/R-II is useful for efficient separation of a large amount of sample volume.

Separation time and solvent consumption can be reduced by injecting the samples with overlapping the elution peaks of the impurities (but not target compounds). Productivity is improved dramatically by using the stacking injection.