YMC-Triart SIL

YMC-Triart SIL column packed with bare organic/inorganic hybrid silica particles is intended for use in normal-phase and HILIC modes. It is more rugged than conventional silica columns due to the chemical stability of the hybrid silica particles.

Base organic/inorganic hybrid silica
Particle size 5 µm
Pore size 120 Å
Usable pH range 2-8
  • USP classification L3 column with great chemical durability
  • Use in normal-phase and HILIC modes


Cetirizine hydrochloride

Column YMC-Triart SIL (5 µm, 120 Å) 250 X 4.0 mmI.D.
Eluent acetonitrile/0.04 M H2SO4 (94/6)
Flow rate 0.75 mL/min
Temperature 25°C
Detection UV at 230 nm
(The Japanese Pharmacopoeia 17th; Purity (2) Related substances)

Shipping solvent is n-hexane/2-propanol (99.5/0.5). In case of using eluent including water, take care of miscibility.