Bioinert columns
Accura Triart

Accura Triart is characterised by a bioinert surface coating on the column body and frit. It shows excellent peak shapes for highly adsorptive substances. Additionally, it prevents carry over and ensures complete recovery without column preconditioning. Therefore, it is especially ideal for the use in highly sensitive LC/MS analyses.
Accura Triart is suitable for analysis of nucleotides, proteins/peptides and metal-coordinating compounds.

  • YMC-Triart materials filled in a bioinert surface coated hardware
  • Exceptional peak shapes with high sensitivities
  • Excellent recoveries without column preconditioning
  • Superior reproducibility and no carry-over effects
  • Ideal for highly sensitive LC/MS analyses
  • No preconditioning required due to high inertness

    Accura hardware with its inert surface prevents adsorption of oligonucleotides. No column preconditioning is required.
    Accura further provide significantly higher recoveries and sensitivities that can not be achieved with regular stainless steel column even 20 sample injections. The ready-to-use columns ensure high recovery and reproducibility from the very first use.

    Eluent 8 mM TEA* 200 mM HFIP**/methanol (82/18)
    Sample All PS RNA 20mer

    *triethylamine  **1,1,1,3,3,3 hexafluoro-2-propanol

    Ideal choice for challenging analytes such as phosphorothioate oligonucleotides

    Accura Triart Bio C18 provides high peak heights for the oligonucleotides compared to the regular stainless steel column. Accura Triart enhances the sensitivity significantly and help to save precious samples without any loss.

    1. All PS RNA 20mer
    2. All PS RNA 21mer

    Column Triart Bio C18 (1.9 µm, 30 nm)
    50 X 2.1 mmI.D
    Eluent A) 15 mM TEA 400 mM HFIP
    B) methanol
    8-18%B (0-10 min)
    Flow rate 0.42 mL/min
    Temperature 65°C
    Detection UV at 260 nm