YMC-GPC is a column packed with highly cross-linked porous polystyrene/divinylbenzene media. It provides outstanding physical rigidity for extended lifetimes especially at a high temperatures and in aggressive solvents. YMC-GPC offers high productivity on preparative separation due to high resolution and high loadability, at a fast flow rate. Furthermore, higher resolution can be achieved on a sample that is hardly separated in combination with recycling chromatography method, even without changing mobile phase conditions or columns.

  • High resolution and long lifetime under a high flow rate condition
  • High productivity by fast separation

Compatible with organic solvents with various polarities

YMC-GPC has excellent solvent versatility. It can be transferred easily and rapidly between solvents of varying polarity. It is possible to select the optimum mobile phase depending on the solubility and separation behavior of the sample.

Recycling chromatography separation of polystyrene oligomers

Recycling separation of polystyrene oligomers by YMC-GPC T4000 column is shown. By using recycling chromatography separation method, higher resolution can be achieved on a sample that is hardly separated, even without changing mobile phase conditions or columns. Furthermore, no solvent is consumed during recycling. It greatly contributes to reduction of solvent consumption on purification.

Column YMC-GPC T4000 (10 μm, 100 Å)
600 X 21.2 mmI.D.
Eluent chloroform
Flow rate 10 mL/min
Detection UV at 254 nm
Sample polystyrene oligomers (50 mg/mL)
Injection 1.4 mL
System LC-Forte/R *

Calibration curves

Calibration curves of polystyrene by YMC-GPC are shown right. The calibration curves are designed to be linear over a specified molecular weight range, ensuring that the same degree of resolution is achieved across the full operating range of the column. Desired separation can be achieved by selecting a column depending on the molecular weight range of a sample.

Column 300 X 7.5 mmI.D.
Eluent THF
Flow rate 1.0 mL/min
Sample polystyrene