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Precolumn filter

Stainless steel precolumn filter


Filter construction with minimal dead volume
Effective diameter of the filter is extremely small, about 1.6mm. Sample diffusion that occurs in passage is minimized.


Product Number Specification
XRPRCS03 For tubing system with 1/16" outer diameter, 1 filter included
XRPRCS35 5 spare filters 0.5 µm are included

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PEEK precolumn filter


Metal free
The material of the wetted part of the holder is PEEK and that of the filter is a mixture of PEEK and Teflon. PEEK precolumn filters are suitable for use in HPLC systems requiring a metal-free environment.
High-pressure resistance
PEEK precolumn filters are resistant to about 35 MPa


Product Number Specification
XRPRCP02 For tubing system with 1/16” outer diameter, 1 filter included
XRPRCP25 5 spare filters 2 μm are included