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YMC Duo-Filter

Disposable filter for use in both aqueous/non-aqueous systems Sample filtration filter


Dual-use type, for aqueous/non-aqueous solvents
YMC Duo-Filter can be used to filter samples dissolved in normal or reversed phase solvents. YMC Duo-Filter is most suitable for filtration of HPLC samples.
Small pore size (0.2 μm)
In order to eliminate insoluble materials as efficiently as possible, YMC Duo-Filter employs a filter pore size of 0.2 μm.
Two filter sizes are available
YMC Duo-Filter comes in three filter sizes, effective diameters of 4 and 15 mm, to suit different sample volumes. Small type, 4 mm, is especially suitable for small quantities of samples used for multiple applications to an analytical column.
Filter housing with low residual sample volume
In order to filter precious samples efficiently, the dead volume of the filter housing is designed to be small.
Can be autoclaved
YMC Duo-Filter is not sterilized, but can be autoclaved (121-C, 30 min) and used for “filter sterilization” of small sample quantities.
Applicable Solvents
pentane chloroform ethyl cellosolve acetone
methylene chloride ethyl acetate THF dioxane
trichloroethane DMSO 2-propanol methanol
diethylacetamide acetonitrile ethanol water
butanol acetic acid 25% trichloroacetic acid  
ethylene glycol toluene xylene  
n-hexane methyl ethyl ketone methyl ethyl ether  

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Product Number Specification
XQDUO04 Inner diameter 4 mm,100-pack
XQDUO15 Inner diameter 15 mm,100-pack

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