Preparative LC systems

Multiple preparative HPLC devices and columns

YMC's LC Forte/R lineup, the world’s first multiple preparative HPLC device, functions for both high- and low-pressure liquid chromatography. We also provide preparative column lineups suitable for high-/low-pressure chromatography, corresponding to various purifications from the crude stage through to the final stage.
LC Forte/R with recycling preparation can realize high-quality and high-efficiency purifications without changing column or mobile phase, even for substances that are hard to isolate using single preparative chromatography.

Preparative devices

Multiple preparative HPLC devices; LC Forte/R series

  • Preparative device designed for both high-/low- pressure chromatography
  • Ideal for purification in the crude stage through to the final stage
  • Compact design but equipped with multiple functions such as recycling function, automatic programming function, etc
  • Easy maintenance

Self-packing empty columns

ECOPLUS series (Glass column)

ECO PLUS series
  • Various sizes available (5-50 mmI.D.)
  • High pressure resistance (pressure limit 1.5-8.0 MPa)
  • Easy to use
  • Biocompatibile

ECO series (Glass column)

ECO series
  • From lab to pilot scale (10-80 mmI.D.)
  • Use in medium pressure (Pressure limit: 0.5-3.0 MPa)
  • Easy to use
  • Biocompatibile
  • ECO columns with water jackets are available (optional)

Bulk packing materials

Bulk packing materials are available for self packing

Preparative packed columns

Packed columns are available

Technical services

Technical guide