Preparative LC systems

Purification technologies

YMC sells all products required for preparative chromatography, such as devices, packing materials, and columns, which are manufactured in-house. Therefore, we can propose solutions for preparative purification suited to customer needs.
We can also provide technical support, such as proposing preparative conditions and contract purification services, with performance of preparative purifications based on accumulated experience and know-how.

Investigation of separation method

Suitable separation methods for isolation engineers can be proposed by researchers highly experienced in preparative chromatography and analytical method development.
As YMC develops and sells packing materials and columns, we can propose optimal methods in a short time to optimize conditions for different parameters, such as recovery rate and purity.

Scale-up to preparative separation

We can perform simulations of productivity, depending on the required preparative scale. We can propose combinations of devices, column sizes, and packing materials, including the particle size of the packing materials and the specifications of the preparative systems, to realize high productivity.

Customization of system/software

Custom-designed and large-scale HPLC device

Custom-designed and large-scale HPLC devices
Customization of systems suited to customer needs is available. We can flexibly respond to requirements for explosion proofing, detectors, etc., and can also customize software, including document formats for recording.

Example of special orders

  • Explosion proofed HPLC device (K-Prep)
    Maximum flow rate: 60 L/min
    Installed six high pressure pumps and realized in-line buffer mixing
  • Dynamic axial compression column (DAR)
    1,000 mmI.D. and 800 mmI.D.
    Column rotatable and packing method with water pressure (Rise: packing, Descent: unpacking)