Preparative LC systems


K-Prep and BioStream software

The software for K-Prep and BioStream is the latest chromatography device control software. The software has been developed to allow intuitive operation. The software enables complicated preparative purifications to be performed easily and automatically.

  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, cGMP and CSV
  • Software allowing seamless scale-up from laboratory scale to process scale
  • User-friendly, flexible, and intuitive programming and operation
  • Safety security features and secure system failure countermeasures

LC-Forte/R series software

The dedicated software for the LC-Forte/R series has been developed to put the full power of the instrument within your grasp.

  • Liquid crystal touch panel allows easy and intuitive control
  • Standard features include software for displaying chromatograms on the touchscreen
  • Various functions are available such as recycling, automated sample injection (stacking), and automated cleaning