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1980 Jan Yamamura Chemical Research Institute established with the paid-up capital of 2.5 million yen in Yawata-city, Kyoto.
1981 Oct "YMC*GEL" packing material for high performance liquid chromatography developed for start of sales
1982 May Sale of packed columns of "YMC- Pack" series started
1984 Oct Increased capital to 50 mil yen
1985 Feb YMC Inc. established in New Jersey, USA
1986 May Increased capital to 117.5 mil yen
1987 May "Separation Center" established in Kumiyama-cho,Kuze-gun, Kyoto
1987 Sep Increased capital to 252.25 mil yen
1988 Sep Increased capital to 427.25 mil yen
1989 Apr Head office transffered to building at Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto-city
1989 Jul Company name has changed to YMC CO., LTD.
1989 Jul Tokyo sales office established in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (An existing Minato-ku,Tokyo)
1991 Jun Increased capital to 529.75 mil yen
1991 Nov

"YMC Technology Research Center" completed in Kokufudai, Komatsu City, Ishikawa prefecture (An existing YMC CO., LTD. Komatsu Works)

1992 Apr Increased capital to 620.75 mil yen
1993 Jul YMC Europe GmbH established in Germany
1996 Aug Ishikawa prefecture designated YMC.,Ltd. as one of the covered companies to be fostered for promoting creative industry in Ishikawa prefecture.
1996 Sep Sale of packed columns of "Pro" series started
1997 Jan ISO 9001 certification acquired
1998 Mar Head office transferred to building at the current address
1998 Apr Drag Master File (DMF) for "YMC*GEL" presented to FDA, USA
2004 Apr Acquisition of Kyoto Chromato CO., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of YMC CO., LTD.
2006 Nov Sale of "Microreactor" started
2008 Jan YMC America, Inc. established in Pennsylvania, USA
2008 Apr Sale of packed columns of "Bio Pro" series started
2008 May YMC India Pvt. Ltd. established in India
2008 May Acquisition of Aishin Kohki Co.,Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of YMC CO., LTD.
2009 Jan Kyoto Chromato CO., Ltd. merged into YMC CO., LTD.
2009 Sep Sale of packed columns of "YMC-Triart" series started
2009 Oct "YMC CO., LTD. Shanghai Rep. Office" established in China
2011 Apr YMC Korea Co.,Ltd. established in Korea
2011 Oct YMC Technos Co., Ltd. established in Hachiouji city, Tokyo.
2012 Apr YMC Taiwan Co.,Ltd. established in Taiwan
2012 May YMC Singapore Tradelinks Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore
2013 Apr Sale of packed columns of "CHIRAL ART" series started
2013 Nov "The YMC CO., LTD. Chiral Technologies Laboratory" established in Iwakuraminami, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.(An existing YMC CO., LTD. Kyoto Research Laboratories)
2015 May YMC Technologies Pvt. Ltd. established in India.
2015 Aug "API Purification Plant" established in YMC CO., LTD. Komatsu Works.
2016 Dec Acquisition of Land in the Annex Kyoto Miwa Industrial Park of Osadano Industrial Park of Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto
2017 Sep YMC Switzerland LLC established in Switzerland
2018 Feb Obtained a license for the manufacture of medical products at Komatsu Works.
2018 Dec Acquisition of YMC Process Technologies. became a wholly owned subsidiary of YMC CO., LTD.
2019 Apr Acquisition of Chroma Con AG. became a wholly owned subsidiary of YMC CO., LTD.
2019 Oct "YMC CO., LTD. Kyoto Works" established in Miwa-cho,Fukuchiyama City,Kyoto