Change notification for the chromatographic data processors and inspection conditions (2020-1)


YMC will replace our chromatographic data processors, which are used for some types of semi-preparative columns (20 mm and 30 mm inner diameter columns) because of aging. Due to this replacement of the data processors, we will have to change the column inspection report paper. The new column inspection report paper will be a plain non-thermal type.

With this change, we will also change the conditions used to inspect the quality of those semi-preparative columns in order to enhance production efficiency, expedite shipments and reduce costs. There is no effect now or in the future to our products in terms of guarantee, quality or performance as a result of these changes. We would like to stress that the materials of construction (packing materials and column hardware materials) and column packing protocols, remain unchanged.

These changes will be in effective for the columns that will be manufactured on or after July 20, 2020.

Please contact your local YMC office should you have questions about these changes.

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