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YMC-Pack SIL, SIL-06

High-Purity, High-Sample Recovery

The high purity silica found in YMC-Pack Silica columns provides virtually complete sample recovery.
The absence of silica impurities reduces non-specific sample adsorption which lowers sample recovery and may cause unusual peak shapes.

High Sample Loading, High Mechanical Stability

The totally porous nature of the silica found in YMC-Pack columns provides high sample loading. With some competitive silicas,
the level of porosity would make the particles prone to fracture, resulting in fines and high backpressure. However, the high chemical purity of YMC*Gel Silica results in a particle structure with high mechanical strength.


Particle size : 3µm, 5µm
Pore size : 60Å,120Å,
Usable pH range : 2.0-7.5


  • Choice of 60Å, 120Å, 200Å and 300Å pore size packings
  • High Mechanical stability
  • Ultra high-purity silica
  • Available in analytical, semipreparative, preparative and process scale column sizes

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