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BioPro Ion Exchange Screening Kit

BioPro Ion Exchange Screening Kit is a kit of screening columns that are packed with BioPro IEX Q/S or BioPro IEX SmartSep Q/S designed for the separation of proteins, nucleotides, and other biomolecules. These kits are ideal for initial method development (media screening and analyte suitability), loadability studies, and even lab-scale purifications.

Column size

1 mL Type (26 X 7.0 mmI.D.)
•Media screening
•Purification method development
5 mL Type (26 X 15.6 mmI.D.)
•Purification method development
•Loadability study
•Lab-scale purification


Media lineup

  Matrix Particle size
Charged group pH range
BioPro IEX SmartSep Q Hydrophilic porous polymer 20, 30 -R-N+ (CH3)3 2.0 - 12.0
BioPro IEX SmartSep S -R-SO3-
BioPro IEX Q 75 -R-N+ (CH3)3
BioPro IEX S -R-SO3-


  • Available in strong ion exchangers (Q and S chemistries)
  • Two column types (1 mL and 5 mL) that are ideal for media screening, development of purification method and loadability study
  • Ion Exchange Selection Kit that consists of four different chemistries for fast and easy media screening
  • Easy installation and convenient use

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