News 2014

2014/12/24   Product Name Change of YMC CHIRAL Polysaccharide Derivative Series

2014/12/15   Triart C18 ExRS is launched

2014/09/01   BioPro SmartSep Q/S is launched

2014/09/01   BioPro Ion Exchenge Screening Kit is launched

2014/08/01   Change in Chromatographic Data Processor and Column Inspection Report (Addition of Product Types)

We have been changing the chromatographic data pro...

2014/03/11   Exhibition schedule for 2014 updated

2014/02/28   YMC CHIRAL Immobilized type is launched

2014/02/25   Core-shell columns for UHPLC & HPLC Meteoric Core is launched

2014/01/06   Column Care and Use Instruction Manual are now available on the website

We are here to announce the column care and use in...

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