News 2013

2013/11/28   Announcement of Establishment of Chiral Technologies Laboratory

...ons, and optimization of preparative purification methods. Our products and support information from th...

2013/09/26   YMC Korea Co., Ltd. - Move Location

YMC Korea Co., Ltd. opened its new office today. ...

2013/09/12   Bioprocess Chromatography System BioStream is launched

2013/08/01   Change in Chromatographic Data Processor Paper and Column Inspection Report

We replace our chromatographic data processors, wh...

2013/07/16   YMC-BioPro Ion Exchenge Screening Kit is launched

2013/07/12   Changing Corporate Name of Our Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

Please be informed that effective July 1st, 2013, ...

2013/07/01   YMC CHIRAL Polysaccharide derivative series are launched

2013/04/15   YMC Singapore Tradelinks Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore

YMC Singapore Tradelinks Pte. Ltd. established in ...

2013/01/25   Exhibition schedule for 2013 updated

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