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ODS-AL is a non-endcapped high carbon load monomeric C18 phase. It is used only in those situations where residual sianol activity is beneficial to the separation. It is not recommended for the analysis of amines or other compounds with basic functional groups present as peak tailing may occur.


Particle size : 5µm
Pore size : 120Å
Carbon contents : 17%
Usable pH range : 2.0-7.5


  • Possess residual silanols for mixed-mode separations
  • Same high ligand density as other YMC ODS phases
  • Unique selectivity for polar compounds


Possess residual silanols for mixed-mode separations

Possess residual silanols for mixed-mode separations


  1. Bezoic acid
  2. Salicylic acid
  3. Theophylline (I.S.)
  4. Phenol
Column size : 150X4.6mmI..D. (5µm, 120Å)
Eluent : 100mM KH2PO4-Na2HPO4(pH 7.0) / methanol(75/25)
Flow Rate : 0.8mL/min
Temperature : 30ºC
Detection : UV at 270nm

ODS-AL shows better separation for sakicylic acid and theopyhlline while ODS-AQ couldn't work for them. Therefore ODS-AL is sometimes effective in separations of compounds that other ODS phases fail to resolve.

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