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Most Polar Reversed-Phase Column

In a reversed-phase mode, Cyano columns are the most polar and least retentive of all reversed-phase packings.
Extremely hydrophobic compounds, which do not elute on standard C18 and C8 packings with typical reversed-phase eluents, can be chromatographed using Cyano columns.
In addition, the unique nitrile chemistry provides different selectivity from both phenyl and standard aliphatic (C18, C8 and C4) reversed-phase packing. Large pore size 300Å packing materials are also available for the analysis of biomolecules.

Alternative to Silica

In a normal phase mode, Cyano is a bonded phase alternative to silica. Bonded normal phase columns have the advantage of faster equilibration and more uniform surface activity than bare silica gel. To extend column life, continued switching back and forth between normal and reversed phase solvents should be avoided.


Particle size : 3µm, 5µm
Pore size : 120Å, 300Å
Carbon contents : 7%, 3%
Usable pH range : 2.0-7.5


  • Useful in both normal and reversed-phase applications
  • Stable high coverage monomerically bonded phase
  • Fully endcapped
  • Available in spherical 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20µm
  • Analytical, semi-prep and preparative column sizes available

Normal Phase mode •Reversed Phase mode

Reversed phase modeNormal phase mode

Useful in both normal and reversed-phase mode. Elution sequence is reversed by the difference of separation mode.

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