YMC Capillary Column

YMC Capillary columns are compatible with Nano-LC/Micro-LC systems. Capillary columns offer improvements in sensitivity, especially at low concentration levels, and dramatically reduced solvent consumption. They are available either with 1/16" connections (10-32 thread) or with 1/32"connections (6-40 thread).

  • Suitable for high-sensitive analysis
  • Great selection of functional groups
  • Operating pressure up to 60 MPa (1.9 µm) / 55 MPa (2/3/5 µm)
  • Guard column

    Guard columns are recommended for challenging matrics or for the use as trapping columns.

    1/32” Fitting Analytical column + Guard column

    1/16” Fitting Analytical column + Guard column


    Column size

    Inner diameter (µm) Lenght (mm)
    75, 100, 300, 500 50, 75, 100, 150

    *Optionally available with bioinert coated Accura hardware

    Packing material