No.7 Peak shape anomaly

Common problems during HPLC operations include peak shape anomalies such as peak tailing and double peaks. To address these problems, the cause must be precisely determined. The majority of cases are caused by inappropriate conditions of separation which include improper selection of a column or solvent, or deficient columns such as those with void. Here we introduce the method of determining which is the cause.

The simplest way is to examine the column performance according to "shipping inspection criteria" in the column inspection report attached to the column. If the examination reveals no peak shape anomalies, the cause will be an inappropriate separation condition. The separation condition such as eluent selection must be reconsidered.

If on the contrary, the same examination reveals any anomaly, the column can be deficient. Flushing (when the impurity could have accumulated) or replacement of the column is necessary. We recommend examining column performances on a regular basis and under the identical conditions.

YMC provide analytical criteria including sample concentrations described in column inspection reports for principal products to help customers examine the performance of the column purchased.