Contract purification service

Contract purification of chiral compounds

YMC accepts contract purification of optical isomers. We provide satisfactory service with in-house packed materials for optical isomer preparation and column systems that are applicable from lab scale to pilot scale. Please feel free to contact us about the selection of packing materials, column systems, etc.


  • Highly-productive service with high efficiency preparative separation methods (Recycle, SFC, SMB)
  • Highly-reliable service depend on wealth know-how and experiences of reversed phase purification
  • Highly-competitive service with low-cost chiral packing materials
  • Service corresponding to wide range of preparation scale (from small scale to large scale)


YMC (Kyoto Research Laboratories and Komatsu Works) can respond to wide range of purification scale (mg-ton)

System Column inner diameter Purification scale
Preparative HPLC system 10-1000 mmI.D. mg to ton
Recycling preparative system 20-30 mmI.D. mg to hundreds of mg
SFC preparative system 10-30 mmI.D. mg to hundreds of mg

We can also respond to preparation with SMB. An example of using SMB chromatography for preparation is here.