Chiral technologies

For cost-effective chiral preparation

Chromatography using chiral stationary phases (packing materials) is one effective method that is used as a standard method for chiral preparation, but purification cost is a problem for industrial-scale purification owing to the high cost of the stationary phase. YMC has developed high performance packed materials, packed columns, and preparative HPLC devices corresponding to various scales, from microanalysis to large preparations, as products for chromatography, mainly for achiral separations. In the field of chiral technology, we are attempting to reduce the cost of chiral separation by proposing optimal column selection, high-efficiency preparative methods, and purification contract services based on our past achievements and know-how.

Columns and packing materials

Preparative LC system

Contract purification services

YMC established Chiral Technologies Laboratory (an existing Kyoto Research Laboratories) in Kyoto in 2013, and has also started a contract separation service for isolating optical isomers. Komatsu Works can conduct chiral compound purification depending on the requested scale, from small- to large-scale production, by using large facilities for preparative purification.

Technical data

Chiral preparative application